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– Without the technobabble

You’ve come to the right place.

“It is because you have been doing something for 25 years that you should be able to explain it in 5 minutes”

About You

Maybe you’ve already been around the block with digital marketing agencies? Maybe you’ve seen the “spectrum of quality” available? Or maybe you’re new to the scene and wondering where to begin?

It all starts with a conversation. We’ve worked with organisations of all sizes and shapes. We’ve seen how digital marketing pans out from end to end for all sorts of arrangements. We’d be happy to chat with you!

Are you a…

We know the unique challenges and opportunities that accompany doing digital marketing at various sizes.

Small Business

You need simple, effective campaigns that drive results while being budget-conscious. You need creativity, and you need focus that doesn’t waste time.

Marketing may matter a lot to you as it can heavily influence your bottom-line.

Medium Business

You need flexibility and responsibility on the part of your providers. They may need to be strategic in some areas, hands-on in others, and responsible in all.

You may want a highly collaborative relationship, or a highly independent one. You need accountability from your providers so you can demonstrate good effort and results to your stakeholders.

Large Business

You need providers who’ll take the time to deeply understand your business, constraints, red-tape, and merge with your team in an ongoing collaborative relationship.

You need accountability from your providers so you can demonstrate good effort and results to your stakeholders.

Why contact Hedgehog?

Why would someone name a business after a dowdy brown creature?
And why would you want to reach out to a business named after this prickly animal?

Well! Our name “Hedgehog” refers to a style of thinking and working. It comes from business author Jim Collins’ book Good to Great where he demonstrates that what he calls “Hedgehog” thinking delivers better business results from “Fox” thinking in business generally.

So what is the difference?…

Fox Style

Making things too complicated. Lots of technobabble. You come away from conversations more confused than before.

Marketing seems unfocused. “Doing lots of stuff”. Scattered or diffused. No unifying vision.

Seems to know a lot about a lot, but no integration of thought into simple insights.

Hedgehog Style

Understanding the complexity well enough to discern underlying patterns. Do what is essential and effective, ignore the rest. Ignore things that distract from getting results.

Focus on what’s most important and execute well. Don’t waste time.

Integrate thinking into simple insights.

We named our business Hedgehog because we feel that people sometimes make digital marketing too complicated. Sure, the landscape is vast, and ever-changing. There’s a lot you can do. But how do we mentally sort through the mess?

Because we’ve been doing digital marketing for a while, we think we have relatively clear, straightforward answers to questions like “what works, what doesn’t work, and why?”

We’re Hedgehogs.

Our Services

We do digital marketing. Our core expertise lies in:
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Search Marketing

We help businesses market themselves on search engines.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – the paid and organic sides of search engines.

icon marketing

Inbound Marketing

We help businesses engage and grow their first-party customer base.

Inbound Marketing includes Marketing Automation, Email, CRM, Content Marketing, and many other areas.

icon design development

Design & Development

We help businesses establish their online presence through having a great website.

We’re capable of end-to-end Design, including UX/UI, Wireframing, Copy, Content, and development.

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We help businesses figure out what to do with their online marketing.

We have extensive data analytics capabilities and years of past experience marketing businesses online.

A Freelance Operation, Not An Agency

Maybe it’s time I introduce myself. Hi! My name is Shawn.

“I enjoy making the internet more valuable, and I want everything I touch to be great”

I’ve been doing digital marketing for about a decade. I’ve worked in agency, in-house and freelancer roles.

I climbed the ladder from junior to executive, and I was a partner and operations manager in one of Sydney’s fastest growing agencies for a few years.

But my passion has always been for the hands-on. I love doing digital marketing work and I love working with clients. So now I freelance with a lean, highly specialised team.

I’ve worked on hundreds of organisations over the years. I’ve seen all kinds – from the smallest sole trader to the multinational pharmaceutical.

Drop me a line – I’d be happy to meet you!


See my LinkedIn for more testimonials.

Christopher Melotti
Award-winning Copywriter - Melotti Media

Shawn is an absolutely amazing professional and an all-around gentleman.

Not only is he at the forefront of the Digital SEO industry, he is also a real trail-blazer and likes to share his knowledge to mentor others. I couldn’t recommend Shawn more highly.

Hasnain Hararwala
Senior Growth Consultant - E-Web Marketing

Shawn has a wealth of knowledge about all things SEO that he is always willing to share with others. His thoroughness in implementing successful SEO strategy is fuelled by a passion to generate positive results and a terrific work ethic.

I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking an experienced digital marketing consultant.

Daniel McPhee
Creative Director - Soda Digital

I’ve worked closely with Shawn on a large-scale, technically complex e-commerce website over the past few years. With the site transacting seven-figures a month, keeping inbound traffic and conversion rates healthy — and in the hands of a professional — is critical. Shawn’s extensive knowledge of SEO, PPC and all things digital marketing proved invaluable over the long-term.

Andrew Lovett
Head of business programmes - Ashurst

A driven, ambitious individual with an infectious enthusiasm for any project. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Shawn will truly appreciate all he is able to do to help them both succeed.

Through the years, we worked on various projects and I was impressed by his manner of doing business. I had the pleasure to work with him for a couple of years on a number of different projects and was impressed with the depth of knowledge he possesses. His constant quest to learn, adapt and apply professional lessons proves out Shawn’s ability to be an active individual contributor and participant on any team. Shawn is one of the most professional people one can come across with.

Shawns motivation and thirst for knowledge is inspiring.

Brad Vincent
Senior Advisor - Dissolve

I’ve been Shawn’s client for 3 years and recommend his skills as an SEO Specialist, Project Manager and Presenter/Trainer to the highest degree.

As an SEO specialist Shawn has excelled where other agencies and consultants tried and failed. When we came to Shawn our website’s SEO ranking had been heavily penalised by Google algorithm changes. We had tried for years to improve it with another agency without success. Within months of Shawn researching and implementing a new strategy we were back to our industry leading position.

Shawn has Project Managed a complex multiple website rollout project for us. His management and flexibility has made the multiple moving parts involved work together seamlessly.

I have also had the pleasure of attending one of Shawn’s SEO seminars. He made the session entertaining and easy to follow with an obvious passion for the subject.

The fact that Shawn has taken the time and effort to truly understand our somewhat niche industry has made him an invaluable asset to our company

Melissa Lahoud
Content Producer - E-Web marketing

Shawn is one of the most genuine, hard-working people I know. His enthusiasm, creativity and passion is contagious! He taught me so much about SEO, digital marketing and client management, while working together at E-Web. Shawn was always supportive and generous with his time, not to mention – really good at explaining complex issues in a digestible way! His departure is a huge loss to our team. I’ll miss his positive energy, technical knowledge and motivating leadership style.

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